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Forex Trade Research

Forex Trade ResearchI’ve tried to find articles highlighting the importance of forex trade research but they are far and few in between. This lack of articles is in itself a little disconcerting. Trading, by its nature, is not static since the market ebb and flow is based on new information that’s regularly introduced. This price […]

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Bitcoin Bull Run of July 2018

Bitcoin Bull Run of July 2018Has the Bitcoin Bull Run of  July 2018 started? Only time will tell, but according to one of the better technical analysts out there, it appears so. He analyzes reasons for and against the present rise in the Bitcoin price. He is one of the best technical analysts I’ve seen […]

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Fear of Missing Out and Trading

​ Fear of Missing OutFear of missing out and trading go hand in hand. The fear of missing out on potentially profitable trades is paradoxically the cause of much trading failure. FOMO causes recklessness in trading to feed a need for relief of the angst brought about by the fear.Unless your focus is placed on […]

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Forex and Visualization, The Way to Peak Performance in Forex

Forex and VisualizationMost traders discount the need to focus on the psychological aspects of trading. This dismissive attitude stems from an underestimating of the difficulty involved in trading consistently. Apart from money management, the mental aspect plays the most critical part in trading success or failure. In other competitive fields such as tennis, hockey, and […]

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Ripple and Swift

Ripple and Swift The following video addresses the competition between Ripple and Swift and how much of Swift’s market XRP could possibly swallow. In the case of a complete takeover Swift by XRP, it’s not too unrealistic to suppose an XRP price of well over $100. There is at least 5 trillion U.S. dollars worth of […]

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