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Meditation for Traders

Meditation for Traders: Evidence for Numbing the Effects of Fear and GreedThis Meditation for Traders article applies to all markets not just Crypto and Forex: Stocks, options, futures, binary options, etc.By the very fact we’re playing the market we enter a trade with the confident expectation to win. However, because of the random outcome of […]

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Fear of Missing Out and Trading

​ Fear of Missing OutFear of missing out and trading go hand in hand. The fear of missing out on potentially profitable trades is paradoxically the cause of much trading failure. FOMO causes recklessness in trading to feed a need for relief of the angst brought about by the fear.Unless your focus is placed on […]

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Forex and Visualization, The Way to Peak Performance in Forex

Forex and VisualizationMost traders discount the need to focus on the psychological aspects of trading. This dismissive attitude stems from an underestimating of the difficulty involved in trading consistently. Apart from money management, the mental aspect plays the most critical part in trading success or failure. In other competitive fields such as tennis, hockey, and […]

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Forex Trading Psychology Article

   Forex Trading Psychology Article       When most forex traders start their journey, they’re looking for a tranquil escape from the 8-5 job and all that it entails and nothing to do with a forex trading psychology article. It makes sense at that point that we’re not looking for something that represents itself as resulting in […]

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