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XRP News Sources

By John Leonardo

January 1, 2023

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This article is going to be a brief introduction as to where to find XRP news, but it will also apply to other coins and tokens as well. The sources that I use range from Ripple’s website to various crypto news sites to even youtube videos. Youtube videos are the least precise of all three sources but the most succinct.

The Ripple XRP News Website

The Ripple website is one of the best sources of information for what is happening in regards to the implementation of XRP. You should focus on the RESOURCES tab under Insights.  Here you’ll find up-to-date news and blogs on relevant topics such as: “Virtual Currency Regulation: Addressing Risk While Preserving Innovation” and “How XRP stack against other Assets.”

There are four sections under INSIGHTS: News, Views, Features, XRP. Each of these can give you some insight as to where Ripple is in its implementation of XRP. I would filter out articles that are not directly related to banks or governments. The other websites to be mentioned in some cases will present their articles that are merely commentaries about information released by Ripple.

News Sites


There are new articles published almost daily although not always directly related to XRP news. This frequent publishing is good in the sense that you still get an idea of how the rest of the cryptocurrency prices are fairing. It tends to cover anything related to Ripple news and not exclusively XRP. The two subjects, however, are intertwined as we know. Ripple’s upsell product is X rapid which makes use of XRP.



You can turn to Cointelegraph for some XRP news although it’s not as up-to-date as the Ripple site. Use the following link and limit your search under the Alt tag:


Following Bitcoin will give you an idea where XRP is headed in general. Again you’re looking for articles that mention any upcoming banks implementing Ripple technology and Government regulation, especially keywords such as U.S. regulation, Brad Garlinghouse or David Schwartz.


This thread is a great source that is updated regularly. It includes fundamental and technical price analysis. Not that I pay too pay attention to the technical side, but the basics are good to know:





Reddit is a massive source of XRP and Ripple news. I would rank it as close to the number one source since you have various people collecting info from all sorts of sources. Check out :


You’ll see multiple up to date articles from sources such as Twitter, Forbes, youtube, and host of other Reddit commentators. I still consider the Ripple site mentioned about as a superior source because of fewer opinions and more facts.

Interactions on Reddit can be quite disheartening. I have never been so insulted as I have been by some Reditonians. They’re going to Hell, but they’re well informed.


There are various channels on Youtube that stand out for me. I’ll provide a list and discuss their strengths:

1/ Alex Cobb  Alex Cobb has a live session almost daily. He is very young but exceptionally well informed about Ripple and XRP. He is a dedicated youtuber strictly for XRP and therefore is very well versed with the past and present news. Definitely the first one on this list.

2/ Esoteric Trading Solutions Sue from Esoteric Trading is a frolicky one but don’t let that fool you. She is exceptionally well versed with XRP, Ripple and the investing industry in general. She has a background in institutional investing and so understands the value of XRP to such a community. She is excellent in her presentation of detail but doesn’t post as often as Alex.

3/ The Modern Investor  Although not strictly focussed on XRP he still is a firm supporter and covers the issues in depth. He mostly reads the news, but he summarizes and a hell of a lot, succinctly.

4/ The Digital Asset Investor This guy is my favorite, but he’s not quite as news informative as the others. Having said this, who cares. He gives me a jolt each time and reminds me why I am in this investment in the first place. He does mention some news and in all fairness, covers it well.

Other Sources

There are other sources out there, but I don’t find them as informative as the sources mentioned above. The Reddit site is very up to date and informative if you have the times to read all of its articles. It’s easy to spend too much time reading, and so most people will opt for a quick summary of youtube videos.

Youtube videos may be quick and easily accessible but they don’t always relay truthful claims. The youtube sources I’ve listed above are quite reliable, but even they have become Ripple fanboys. If you want the top two sources, go to the ripple website itself and the Reddit link. There you’ll find lots of reliable information. I would suggest waiting till the weekend to read from these two sources.


If you’re limited as far as time, then I would go straight to the youtube videos above and in the order listed. They all pull from the sources I listed at the beginning and viewing their videos or even just listening to them will give a good summary of what is presently going on in the Ripple/XRP space.

Ripple and XRP will quickly become conflated with each other as the company Ripple quickly scales to mass use of X rapid. Despite the criticism from much of the crypto community, this is going to happen if it hasn’t already by the time you read this article.

The utility of XRP is unquestionable, and it seems that many governments are setting its stage for adoption. The number of government interviews that the Ripple team has been involved in is adding up. They almost seemed canned interviews at this point with similar questions being pitched to the Ripple team over and over by similar government officials. It’s almost like the stage is being set for mass adoption by the banking system. Who knows.

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