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We show how to trade mainly with 5 min,1hr, 4 hr and Daily charts in our forex video program. Our win % is about 70%. We show how to base some decisions off of candlestick price action, fib ratios, and support/resistance. Most entries and exits are based on news fundamentals in combination with technicals. We use an MT4 ECN broker at Andiamo Lire Forex signal services since we trade a variety of currency pairs and pip spread is important. You would have to use an ECN broker to obtain similar results as in our Forex Video Course. Pip spread should be within 0.5 to 2 for each pair traded. This will keep a similar profit factor, percentage win, and lessen drawdowns. Although we cannot recommend any broker we use Pepperstone. We back up what we’re teaching with third-party verified results that you can copy. You’ll learn this and more in our Forex Video Course.

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