How to Use the Technicals

There are different approaches to trading. Technical trading is one approach and can be used by itself in conjunction with other approaches

Main Benefits

Technical trading allows a simple and apparently quick approach to trading and includes everything from support/resistance to technical indicators. Some of the most effective systems are technical in nature. The most effective systems are usually simple but not necessarily easy to implement.

Easy to Read Visuals

Technical trading involves pretty candle stick patterns that are quick and easy to access.

Simple and Repeatable

Some technical systems involve using the same repeatable patterns applicable to all time frames.

Back Testable

Technicals can be testable with what's called backtesting. This can be particularly accurate especially when relying simply on price action.

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How to Trade Using the Stochastic Divergence Indicator & Price Action

Trading with Price Action is one of the most accurate ways of finding good trades and entries. Combine this with Stochastic and Divergence and you have better entries on all time frames

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