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My Favorite Brokers

I personally use two brokers: Pepperstone and Fxpro. I am going to walk you through the steps on how to sign up for a demo account on Fxpro since this broker will provide a free advantage later on as explained in the forex video course and ebook. It’s best to start with a demo so you can get the hang of placing a trade. I use Fxpro for demo and Pepperstone for real trading. You can access the Fxpro links below.


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Start with FxPro

1. Go to the Fxpro link provided: FXPRO

2. Scroll a little way down to find a button that says “open a demo account”

3. Click on the button and fill in the personal information being asked.

The Type of Account

Fill out the account type, MT4 is preferable but do your research. You have MT4,MT5 and C trader to choose from. Go to the following for comparison:

MT4 is Convenient

I personally use the MT4 Market as this has been the account type I originally started with and has the lowest average variable spread. Choose your currency that you want the account in. US dollars should be fine. A leverage of about 1:200 should be sufficient. When choosing the deposit amount, choose an amount closer to what you’ll be starting with so you can get an idea of what to risk when trading with real money.

Start With Webtrader

Once you press complete you’ll be signed onto the Fxpro website and asked to verify your email. Go to your email and you’ll find the login, password and server information. Write it down.

At the bottom of the email, you’ll find the following. Press on the MT4 webtrader:

Login in with the login , password and server given in the email:

Signing In

You should now be signed in:

Now you can demo trade till your heart’s content to see how Forex trading online works, Try reading some of the main articles on forexlive and compare them to the corresponding currencies on the chart. Try to see how previous main news events may have caused large movements with the corresponding currencies. For more info on how this works, sign up for the upcoming webinar on “How I Trade”


Option 1 – To open a UK (FCA Regulated) Trading Account CLICK HERE

Option 2 – For all other countries (CySec Regulated) Trading Account CLICK HERE

Option 3 – For all demo accounts CLICK HERE

Some countries are not accepted by FxPro, you can still set up a demo under a country that’s allowed. This is important for receiving free news service.

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