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Many Traders Share the Following Problems:

Struggling to Trade CONSISTENTLY?

Most new traders struggle to trade consistently. They don’t know how to start their planning or how always to find the best currency or crypto to buy or sell.

Unsure Which Strategies to Apply?

After finding the best currency pair or crypto, most traders don't know how to apply the correct strategy in entering or exiting.

      Is This Your Current Situation?

  • I chase after trades for fear of missing out
  • When I have a small loss, it turns into a significant loss
  • I am inconsistent with my winning trades
  • I find the excellent trades too late after the pair has already made the big move
  • None of my friends and family understands the forex or crypto world

   Andiamo Lire Is The Missing Piece to Your Trading


  • You don’t have a professional method or professional teacher with results that are verifiable at every moment. You need a professional approach and a well-trained coach who's experienced the trading struggles you're going through, and that can help guide you to trade like a professional. 
  • You need to be able to trust the trader by seeing the consistent results in real time at any time. The actual results have to be verifiable by an independent party.
  • Too many traders are just lying to themselves and others. If it's not provable and up to date, it means nothing.


  •  Surround yourself with those of the same intent not naysayers.  You need to associate with a community who are learning how the market really works.


  • Lack of useful professional trading resources. It’s a good chance that you don't know where to look and what works. You've fallen for fake promises too often and didn't know what to believe any more.


  • A way to copy professional trades. It's likely you don't know who to trust in the trading signal world and how to make money while still learning.

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