Psychology of  Trading

The most severally under rated but one of the most important aspects to trading. It's overlooked and if addressed, never presented with a real solution to help overcome. 

Main Benefits of a Good Trading Psychology

A strong trading psychology will help you remain consistent and wait patiently for the proper trade setups

Become Unglued

You won't feel the need to stay stuck to your screen all the time , or at least less so.

Stay Targeted

As mentioned above, you'll stay confident in your trading method and only take the best high probable trades

Stay Consistent

With proper trading psychology you will make money month over month and you'll know you can.

Why Trading Psychology is Important

Don't overlook the importance of this one skill. Do so at your own peril. Not as important for longer term traders ,but definitely helpful for the shorter term trader:

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How to Trade Using the Stochastic Divergence Indicator & Price Action

Trading with Price Action is one of the most accurate ways of finding good trades and entries. Combine this with Stochastic and Divergence and you have better entries on all time frames

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