Forex Trades

 Forex Trading

Here are examples of Forex trades based on Price Action, Technicals, Fundamentals/Sentiment and Indicators 


It is a know fact that forex news, both long and short term are the foundation of price action. To ignore this is to ignore information that the all institutional players focus on.

Price Action 

Price Action is the most is the most accurate at the moment information on where price will move next.


Technicals include start with the most basic of all analysis, support/resistance and trendlines.

Forex Trades

Here are some of the trades I've taken and the thoughts involved in the process.

How to Trade Using the Stochastic Divergence Indicator & Price Action

Trading with Price Action is one of the most accurate ways of finding good trades and entries. Combine this with Stochastic and Divergence and you have better entries on all time frames.

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