June 29, 2018

Cryptos to the Moon

Cryptos to the Moon

I’m sure this is the last phrase you’d expect to hear at present in the crypto markets: Cryptos to the Moon!  However, I think this is the best time to be realising this possibility. It will compel you to continue to buy crypto. The following is not advice but I’m going to continue to invest despite the falling prices. I view these prices as buying opportunities. The video above focusses on Ripple’s XRP, but it can apply to any cryptocurrency that has solid fundamentals. So, as I’ve said before: 

Cryptos to the Moon!

Just Not YET

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Crypto Crash, Crypto Moon or What? – Evercoin Blog

Jun 3, 2018 I recently joined the Gumi Cryptos fund, a $30M crypto and blockchain … Apparently we terraformed the moon and there’s grass up there too.

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John Leonardo

John Leonardo invests and trades in forex and crypto on a regular basis. He publishes his articles on trading/investing regularly on both the blog and youtube. When trading, John explains how and why these trades were entered so people can learn about implementing the combination of technical, sentiment, fundamental and news trading.

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