October 21


Forex Fundamental Analysis Revealed

Forex Fundamental Analysis

  Both forex technicals and forex fundamental analysis are necessary to maximize consistent gains in trading in the long run. The following are opportunities due to fundamentals and sentiment that exist tomorrow for the main currencies listed below or a comment on past trades. The blog will be published by 12:00 am EST each day.


   The following trade was placed on Wednesday, Sept. 21 in response to the Fed’s FOMC report. I longed gold since the FED expressed some dovishness regarding the economy. I should have let the trade run. It ended up going up at least $10 dollars from where I entered. I knew and FOMC hesitation would cause this.


  Cutting the trade short gave me a greater sense of certainty. However, from previous experience, an FOMC comment after the interest rate announcement is heavily anticipated by the market. You’ll have to Zoom in to see the picture. Sorry for the inconvenience. I’m still figuring out this blog thing.



Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis


Forex Fundamental Analysis, fundamental analysis

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