July 29


How does Forex Work: FOREX TRADING STRATEGIES of the Banks




How does forex work Both technicals and fundamentals are necessary to maximise consistent gains in trading in the long run. This is what many professionals do. The following were trades I made recently or are opportunities based on fundamentals and market sentiment.The blog on forex trading strategies will be published at least once a week. Fundamentals revealed through historical and real-time news are key and deserve more attention by traders despite the effort needed. This will pay off with a greater certitude in entering and exiting the markets when forex trading. I used to watch my trades continually with fear and trepidation. Now, I watch them knowing where and why they could move in a certain direction. It takes a while to learn the fundamentals and sentiment of currencies but it’s well worth it because it works.  How does forex work ?


  On Friday, July 28th, 2017 I entered a short on the USDCAD. Several reasons, the main reason being that there was a release of the Canadian GDP vs the weaker USD due to political upheaval and the market not believing the FED hiking again anytime soon. I traded again in two parts and this time I let the second half of the trade move farther for a larger profit. I was confident it would hit my target because both this recent news and longer-term news events were supporting teacher other.


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