January 1


Trade Like the Banks, Trade with Forex Fundamentals Analysis

By John Leonardo

January 1, 2023

forex fundamentals analysis

I’ve been paying more attention to combining the technicals with the fundamentals and near-term sentiment and it’s actually worked out quite well. I’m was finding that I wasn’t getting as many opportunities simply by using sentiment and fundamentals alone and the entries weren’t as exact as I’d like.

I still apply the same trade methods as I did before but I’ve also combined those
with trend trading and entering on pull-backs. I’m quite pleased with the
way that that’s been working. I use, obviously, the fundamentals and the
near-term sentiment as a filter and it’s been working brilliantly.

In the video below there’s a trade that is not a pullback trade per se. I’ll offer more videos on that later. This is just a trade that I made recently on the 10th that was during the bank rate decision by the Bank of England. So, if we take a look back at forexfactory we can see that just last week on the 10th the official bank rate statement came out. However,  I was waiting more for the bank statement afterward. I didn’t think they would change anything as far as Bank rates and they obviously didn’t. The statement afterward appeared to be more dovish.

As a result of the more dovish statement, I shorted the pound and longed the Canadian dollar. At the  time the Canadian dollar had been fairly strong due to the influence of peaking oil prices. I also held the trade longer than usual. I’m getting more in the habit of doing that. I’m using some of the volume indicators and stochastics to give me an idea along with support/resistance of when to exit. You can see in the video that I got out near a round number. I usually now hold the trades longer, especially if it’s something like a bank rate statement because they tend to have a longer-term effect. I held this trade for at least three hours ending with a fair amount of pips.

I’ll report more in detail as far as what I’ve been doing with the technicals later but I highly encourage taking a second look at maybe old technical approaches that you may have thrown away. If you start gaining a foothold on the fundamentals, the old systems may work great in combination.

For fundamental research, check out forex source below.

John Leonardo

About the author

John Leonardo invests and trades in forex and crypto regularly. He publishes his articles on trading/investing regularly on both the blog and youtube.

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  • I have been thinking of a way to get into forex and begin trading. It looks like I may have found a source of information.

    I had some info on joining a conference call but I lost my phone and the number in to the group. I was wondering what advice do you have for someone interested in trading forex.

    Where do I begin? What should I do to learn more about it without being scammed?

    • I would check out JarrattDavis.com for fundamentals and Theforextradingcoach.com for technical trading. Start with Babypips.com first, since it’s free and then consider the ones I first mentioned.

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